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Driven By a Dream

Each time you make a roundup, your spare change may seem like a drop in the bucket. It may seem like a quarter or a dime can't make much of a difference. But what if you multiplied this by a thousand, ten-thousand, or even a hundred-thousand? What if a community of people came together to simply take the extra pennies from purchasing a Starbucks coffee, buying groceries, or even enjoying a beer at the local bar, and using that change to, well, change the world.

At Drops, that's what we believe. We believe we can bring change.

Help us create an ecosystem of encouragement, where members can donate their spare change to the causes they are passionate about. It's simple, passive, innovative, and it just might work -- all it takes is a little love. We'd love your support in achieving this dream, and we're damn sure a lot of other people will love your support too.

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